Litigation is a specialty in the legal field and within the area of litigation is a variety of sub-specialties. Just because an attorney claims to handle litigation does not mean they have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle your company's case. This is why the law office of JPV, PLLC limits its litigation representation to a few specific areas. We are primarily a plaintiff's side litigation firm. That means, when you seek to enforce an agreement or otherwise demand compensation from another party, we will initiate the lawsuit against that party and fight to assure that you receive what you are seeking.

Many of our litigation services are provided under a contingent fee structure. That means you will not be charged unless we are successful. This billing method is a win/win for the client and our firm. The client is not burdened with unknown litigation costs and the attorney is motivated to produce the best result possible. Read more about our areas of expertise and see why we are the aggressive litigators you should retain when it's time to get serious about your legal rights.
  Injury Litigation
Injury litigation cases require not only a skilled litigator but exceptional knowledge of medical billing, insurance claim processing and medical procedures. JPV, PLLC has precise knowledge and experience in all of these areas. Ask us how our unique skill set separates us from all your other choices.

  Account Receivable Collections
Partnering with a reliable law firm like JPV, PLLC will ease the pain of collecting your open invoices, reduce A/R days, increase expected yield and assure that your company stops working for free!

  Contract Claims
Every type of business enters into contracts and depending on the industry which you work, contract disputes may arise frequently or just on occasion. No matter when these issues arise, make sure you retain one of the best litigators you can; the law offices of JPV, PLLC.

  Other Legal Claims Handled
At times our clients are in need of legal services other than our core business areas. When these out of the ordinary times occur, we will assure that your unique legal issue is managed by the most qualified attorney based upon your expectations, budget and approval.