Contract Claims
The foundation of business is the contract and when disputes arise, having an experienced and successful commercial litigation attorney on your side will make the difference between winning and losing. Joseph Villarosa has been litigating for over 15 years and has handled many complex, multi-party, high dollar cases and he maintains a significantly higher rate of success compared to the industry.

Prior to initiating litigation you will be provided a realistic evaluation of your case along with an outline including time lines and projected costs. We generate our litigation plan based on the client's level of involvement, budget and expected results. Having this information before jumping into litigation allows our clients to make a truly informed decision and develop realistic expectations. Our clients report a better overall experience compared to their previous litigation experiences.

  • Building Contracts
  • State Licensing
  • Lost Business Opportunity
  • Untimely Services
  • Inferior Product Delivery
  • UCC Claims
  • Collective Bargaining Violations
  • Real Estate Purchase / Leasing
  • Non-Competition / Non-Solicitation
  • Indemnity Agreements
  • Mortgages / Liens
  • Misrepresentation
  • Liable / Slander
  • Partnership Agreements