Accounts Receivable Collections
Timely collection of accounts receivables is an ongoing concern for all businesses. Without that available cash, your business is literally handcuffed from pursuing new opportunities.

Partnering with a reliable law firm like JPV, PLLC will ease the pain of collecting your open invoices, reduce A/R days, increase expected yield and assure that your company stops working for free!

Time is the enemy in the collecting industry. Accounts are literally dying each week that passes. The speed at which your chosen collector performs is critical to understanding your expected returns. Unproductive time spent on your accounts can reduce your chances of collecting on those accounts by as much as 15-20% per month. Within just six months your chances of collection can be as low as 40%.
Collection agencies yield an overall average of just 20% with an exponentially decreasing rate of success as accounts age.
A qualified attorney, like JPV, PLLC, is 300% more successful than a collection agency and accounts that are over 120 days, an attorney is almost 600% more successful.
This means that for every $1M referred, you can expect a return of $200k from a collection agency or $600-700K from the Law Offices of Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC.
  • Increased Collection Rates of 300% and up
  • Higher Yield per Account
  • Decreased A/R Days
  • Competitive Rates Compared to Collection Agencies
  • Rates Significantly Below many other Law Firms
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting on Accounts
  • Operational Cost Savings