Our firm is committed to providing consulting services that deliver a significant and measurable impact for our client's bottom line. Our top priority is providing support to your revenue cycle department in a manner that assures:

  1. Minimal disruption to your current operations
  2. Produces incremental cash flow that is both significant and measurable
  3. Improved experience for your staff and patients or customers
  4. Improved operations processes
  5. Secure data and financial handling
Our firm has extensive experience over a wide range of projects and we are prepared to share that experience with your company in effort to improve your revenue cycle operations and cash flow. We attack our projects with the intention of not just meeting, but far exceeding, our client's expectations.

Our revenue cycle consulting services begin with a focus on specific departmental objectives and subsequently flow across your entire company as systemic improvements. Our solutions can be quickly adapted for optimum performance.
  Revenue Enhancements
The core business of our consulting services division is client revenue enhancement and the development of new revenue streams. We have a proven track record of identifying entirely new revenue streams and expanding otherwise unrealized opportunities within a company's already existing structure. When you retain JPV, PLLC for revenue enhancement consulting you should expect significant and measurable results.

  Denial Reductions & Commercial Litigation
Reducing the amount of payment denials is the most important part of successful revenue cycle operations next to accurate and timely billing. We are intimately familiar with all the reasons payors attempt to deny payment and we are fully prepared to defeat any and all improper denials your company incurs. We then identify trends in denials and provide solutions for systemic changes to correct the problems long term.

  Interim Mangement Support
Our firm can provide added support to your revenue cycle operations management team. As determined by the client's desired target area, we can identify opportunities by individual department or across the entire system and make recommendations for improvement. While on-site, we quickly observe the current business operations and gather details on current processes and SOPs. We then develop a choice of comprehensive solutions for your consideration and, once a specific plan of action is decided, we will be there for the launch and will assure all aspects of the plan are fully implemented.

The best ways to analyze performance, calculate yield improvement efforts, or determine the effectiveness of any process change is to create customized reports that measure data in a reliable and repeatable manner. Our firm can set up customized reporting and dashboards for your staff's use or manage an ongoing measurement project until your company can verify that it has achieved the desired results.

  Efficiency Improvement
Our firm can provide recommendations to assist management in prioritizing objectives, improving functionality, and increasing efficiency across any segment of your organization. JPV, PLLC considers our efficiency improvement services as, "a second set of eyes on your cost saving efforts." We are able to provide a report of the current conditions and compare that to our recommendations for your consideration.

  Seminars, Education, and Retraining
An educated work force is a company's strongest asset and you can be assured that you are on top of the latest industry changes when you engage our firm to assist your training department.