Revenue Enhancements
JPV, PLLC's competitive edge comes from our somewhat unconventional data analysis and search methods to identify business opportunities. Our firm will identify revenue improvement opportunities and begin converting these opportunities into cash until a long term process change can be developed and implemented. The JPV, PLLC revenue cycle consulting division is so versatile we can work with your operations staff in any manner that fits your business needs. We can work effectively in an independent environment utilizing only account data provided to us or we can engage with your entire revenue cycle division and include as many departments as you desire such as your front end operators, billers, follow up, denials and litigation departments.

We maintain a proven track record of success utilizing either of these business models. We have created these two vastly different approaches out of necessity. We quickly realized that clients have different needs and desires when it comes to engaging a consulting firm. Many of our clients seek a more traditional consulting style and expect our staff to remain on site and visible within their operations. Other clients have expressed that, while they desire to engage our consultants, they demand an absolute minimal amount of interaction with their operations staff. In effort to services this second group, we have created and perfected a method to provide revenue cycle enhancement solutions through data analysis, individual account reviews and third party communications; all of which can be done off site.

No matter what your specific needs are regarding our level of engagement, we fully expect to provide your company with results beyond your expectations.

  • Revenue Opportunity Identification
  • Incremental Cash Flow Projects
  • Yield Maximization
  • A/R Day Reduction
  • Billing Efficiency Improvements
  • Denials Reduction