Customized measurement and reporting can bring visibility to the effectiveness of areas of your business like never previously seen. Our firm can generate accurate and reliable measurement tools for your organization to gage performance of business operations and personnel. Whether you need to take a closer look at a particular department's effectiveness or are planning to implement some process changes and you need to confirm the effectiveness, our measurement services will acquire the necessary data and compile it into a format that is clear and concise so that you may make truly informed decisions.
Examples of our previous Measurment Projects:
  Operations Changes
We developed dashboards that allow our client the ability to measure areas of improvement, declines, revenue increases and cost savings measures within any department or across multiple departments.
  Performance Reviews
Utilizing the client's parameters, we developed objective expectations and work volumes and then created an ability to monitor key performance indicators across the chosen population.
  Revenue Measurement
We provide additional clarity on our client's payor's activities. We have determined which payors were yielding the highest, who processed payments the quickest, measured the revenue each payor constituted as a percent of the total yield; all of which allow the client's organization to better focus its resources on the most profitable areas.
  Denials Measurement
We created a denials dashboard in order to isolate which payors are creating the greatest amount of denials, for what reasons and measured the results once operational changes were implemented to combat the identified problem payors.