The Law Offices of Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC, is a specialty firm known for offering high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals in a range of areas that includes; Revenue Cycle Consulting, Commercial Litigation, Asset Recovery, and Accounts Receivable Collections.

We create winning solutions by customizing services tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We take pride in being a boutique firm that offers superior legal counsel in specific areas so that our clients’ feel secure about their hiring decision. Trusted advice, operations improvement, aggressive litigation tactics, and a high level of professional representation are the qualities that keep clients with Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC for the long term.



Consulting Services

Our revenue cycle consulting division is committed to providing services that deliver a significant and measurable impact for our client’s bottom line in areas such as revenue enhancement, denial reductions, commercial litigation, efficiency improvement and retraining. Take a look at all the ways our firm can work with your operations team to deliver incremental cash flow. Click Here to Learn More…

mainPage_02Legal Services

Our legal division handles plaintiff’s side litigation, asset recovery, accounts receivable collections and cash flow enhancement actions. Because our firm is laser focused on a specific goal you can be assured that we are the best at what we do. Our success rate is exceptionally high and the bottom line is we find and collect a lot of money for our clients. Set up an appointment with Joseph Villarosa today and we can discuss how our firm can help you. Click Here to Learn More…

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