Why Choose JPV

Knowledge and Experience

When you hire Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC you are engaging a firm that provides an immense wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with an extensive record of providing systemic revenue improvements for our clients. Our firm utilizes licensed attorneys, MBA’s, data analysts and IT professionals. Collaboration between individuals with this variety of skill sets allows for true “out of the box” thinking and gives your business the best opportunity to achieve significant revenue impact.

Competitive Strengths in our Industry

Contingent Fee Structure: Only pay if we produce results for you!
Low Operating Costs: Since we are a boutique firm, we maintain minimal administrative costs relative to our competition.
Superior Reporting and Dashboards: Our data summaries will clearly spell out where your new incremental cash flow is coming from.

Proven track record of success and client satisfaction!

Data Security and Business Operations Protection

Our firm utilizes all efforts to assure that any client data accessed by this firm is safe and secure. We assure that there is no cross referencing of data from one client to the next and that all proprietary business operations, trade secrets, or other unique business activities are not disclosed to anyone outside of this firm.

HIPPA Compliance

Because Joseph P. Villarosa is a licensed attorney, you can be assured that our entire office is fully knowledgeable about HIPPA laws and that all activity of this office will be 100% HIPPA compliant.

Iolta Trust Bank Accounts

You can be assured that any of your funds handled by this firm will be properly accounted for to the final penny. Because the managing partner in this firm, Joseph P. Villarosa, is a licensed attorney, this firm is required to deposit client funds into an IOLTA Trust Account. This means that the Michigan Bar Association has access to review any claims of misappropriation or other malfeasance. Additionally, our firm provides you with detailed statements which clearly show any and all transactions, so there is no confusion as to the proper accounting.

State Bar Association Review

Joseph P. Villarosa is a licensed attorney by the Michigan State Bar Association. Therefore, the SBA of Michigan is a proper organization to bring any concerns or complaints should you feel any issues are not being addressed by our firm.

Attorney Disciplinary Regulations and Cannons of Ethics

Attorneys are highly regulated and specific governing bodies have been created to assure clients’ interests are protected. The Professional Ethics Committee, Attorney Grievance Commission and the Attorney Disciplinary Board have established a Code of Ethics which is set within a body of rules known as the “Rules of Professional Conduct”. This extensive set of rules assures that attorneys will abide by these rules and will represent their clients with the highest level of professionalism. While this firm operates well above the standards set by these governing bodies, If, for any reason, your company feels it has not been properly represented, it may seek a review of the concerning actions.


With these highly qualified people working for you and having an abundance of checks and balances in place, you can be confident that when you retain Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC you are hiring a firm with experience, reliability, and a proven track record that will represent your business in the utmost professional manner and who will succeed in achieving that incremental revenue push you have been looking for this year!

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