About Us

Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC is a midwestern based firm specializing in commercial litigation and revenue cycle consulting. Since its inception in 1997 our mission has been to provide revenue generating services that are significant, measurable and innovative. We regularly find substantial incremental cash flow in our client’s revenue cycles that were previously unexplored or otherwise considered not profitable enough to commit additional resources toward. Additionally, all of our legal services are 100% focused on maximizing outcomes for our clients.

We understand that our clients’ expect outstanding service, prompt responses and cost-effective methods, delivered with the utmost professionalism. Our clients are publicly held and private companies, non-profit corporations and sole proprietorships, and they all agree that our firm provides services as promised. While noted for our exceptional litigation results we offer more than just assistance to clients in times of crisis. Our firm provides revenue cycle consulting to healthcare providers as well as revenue cycle and operations management consulting to businesses in a wide variety of industries. We also conduct seminars and educational training classes to keep our clients apprised of changes in the law and business practices that affect their industries and specifically, their businesses.

We are committed to providing our professional services in a manner that produces recognizable and measurable value to our clients. Our detailed understanding of our clients’ businesses and the industries they work, allows us to provide our services effectively and at minimal costs. There is little time incurred on becoming familiar with a client’s needs since our staff likely has experience with the issues presented.

Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC provides superior services at discounted costs not possible by larger firms. This is achieved by utilizing the latest information technology systems, providing alternative billing arrangements and streamlining resolution methods.

We invite you to learn more about Joseph P. Villarosa, PLLC. Browse through our web site and then contact us when your company is ready to deploy their newest revenue generating machine!

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